Escull de Pregonda

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Escull de Pregonda
Escull de Pregonda

Escull de Pregonda is a tiny beach located on the islet in front of Cala Pregonda. It is a beach that can only be reached by boat or swimming.

The beach is about 30 meters long and just over 10 meters wide, and that’s why most of the time there are very few people.

This beach is usually frequented by people who get off the yachts that anchor in Cala Pregonda bay and have an auxiliary boat or kayak. They usually use the auxiliary boat to reach the islet and spend some time on the beach.

The islet on which the beach is located is about 170 meters long and 80 meters wide,so touring it will not take you long..

How to Get There

Escull de Pregonda - you only get there swimming or by boat
Escull de Pregonda – you only get there swimming or by boat

Getting to the Escull de Pregonda is easy but it is only accessible by boat or swimming. It is not difficult to spot it, as you can see the islet from Cala Pregonda. It seems a short distance, but you have to be well prepared for swimming at least 200/250 meters.if you are not fit do not try,and much less if there are currents or strong wind.

Once There

Don’t be fooled by the small appearance of the Escull de Pregonda. It seems that it has nothing to offer, but if you climb to the top of the islet and walk towards the sea you will reach a natural pool.

Jumps into the Natural Pool of the Escull de Pregonda

Natural pool escull de pregonda
Natural pool escull de pregonda

One of the most fun excursions from Cala Pregonda is to swim to Escull de Pregonda

In Escull de Pregonda you can perform jumps from the rocks and dive into this natural pool of seawater. This “pool” is hidden behind the escull and is not seen from the beach of Pregonda.

You can also see the Cavalleria lighthouse in the distance.

Map and Points of Interest



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