Cala Tamarells South

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Cala Tamarells des Nord
Cala Tamarells des Sud is

The beach of Tamarells des Sud is a small unspoilt beach halfway between es Grau and the lighthouse of Favàritx,on the north coast of Menorca. It is a sandy beach actually formed by two beaches (Tamarells des Sud I and Tamarells des Sud II).

Both beaches are facing east and quite protected by the Illa d’en Colom island. Although in summer season there are usually people, it is not a very busy beach since you have to walk a good stretch to reach it.

Beach Info

  • Orientation: East
  • Type:Virgin Beach
  • Services: None
  • Summer occupancy: 3/5 (the higher the more people there are)
  • Surface* of the beach: 1,851 m2 (* Estimate. The surface changes every year)
  • Walking access: 1 km (25 minutes)
  • Nearest parking:1 km (25 minutes) – Parking de Es Grau
  • Previous Beach: Cala en Vidrier
  • Next Beach:Tamarells des Nord
  • Is it in the Camí de Cavalls? :Yes

How to get to Tamarells des Sud

If you go from Maò, you have to go towards Fornells and Es Grau and take the detour to Es Grau.

If you go from Ciutadella, you can go by the general road to Maò and then take the detour to Es Grau, or take the Camí d’en Kane in Es Mercadal, and then continue towards Es Grau. The Camí d’en Kane is slower (30-50km/h) but very nice.

  • When you arrive in Es Grau, there is a fairly large free car park (you will see it on the right hand side), and another very small car park just 20 meters later on the left.
  • From the es Grau car park,go to the beach of Es Grau,go along the beach to the other end and then take the Camí de Cavalls towards Favàritx.
  • Once in the Camí de Cavalls you will pass long Cala Vidrier and after about 20 minutes walking you will reach Cala Tamarells Sud.

Once There…

Rambla Tower - Tamarells
Rambla Tower – Tamarells

Cala Tamarells des Sud is an unspoilt beach that is difficult to access and has no services of any kind. Some of the activities you can do from here are:

  1. Snorkeling: very good area, especially if you go under the Tower of Rambla, with shallow rocks and quite wildlife
  2. Visit to the Tower of Rambla: Coastal defense tower built between 1799 and 1802. It is very deteriorated and has a high risk of landslides, so it’s best not to get in and watch it from the outside. Anyway, it is possible to climb up the interior, since the wooden staircase used by the soldiers to go to the terrace is no longer there.
  3. Visit to Punta de Sa Pastera: The tip or spike of sa pastera is a kind of suspension bridge (much simpler than the Pont den Gil),which is located 1km from Tamarells.
  4. Kayaking (if you have arrived by kayak): Congratulations! Kayaking is one of the best ways to get there. On your route, don’t forget to visit Cala Vidrier or Arenal d’en Moro before returning to Es Grau.


Map and Points of Interest

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