Cala en Vidrier Beach

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Cala Vidrier in spring
Cala Vidrier in spring

Cala en Vidrier is a small beach in the area of Es Grau. Despite being part of the north of Menorca, the beach is south-facing. Thanks to its orientation, you can enjoy many hours of sun overlooking the village of es Grau.

The beach is less than 50 meters wide and is quite protected from the north wind, so when tramuntana (north wind) winds blow it is a good option to shelter.

Beach Info

  • Orientation: South
  • Type: Unspoilt Beach
  • Services: None
  • Summer occupancy: 2/5 (the higher the more people there are)
  • Surface* of the beach: 315 m2 (* Estimate. The surface changes every year)
  • Walking access: 1 km (25 minutes)
  • Nearest parking: 1 km (25 minutes) – Parking de Es Grau
  • Previous Beach: Es Grau
  • Next Beach: Tamarells
  • Is it in the Camí de Cavalls?: Yes

How to Get to Cala en Vidrier Beach

Detour to Cala en Vidrier
Detour to Cala en Vidrier

Cala Vidrier is very close to the beach of Es Grau. To get there, take the section of the Camí de Cavalls that passes through the beach of Es Grau and walk in the direction of the Favàritx Lighthouse.

When you have been walking from Es Grau for about 5 or 10 minutes,just after the 02-15 mark (Section 2, Post 15) of Camí de Cavalls, on your right you will see a small trail. if you follow the trail you will go down a slightly steep slope and you will soon reach Cala Vidrier.

You can also get there swimming from Es Grau beach. I’ve never tried it but with diving fins and calm sea it doesn’t seem to be very complicated.

Once There

Picnic in Cala Vidrier with views of Es Grau
Picnic in Cala Vidrier with views of Es Grau

Cala Vidrier is a beach that even in high season is not usually full since you have to walk 1 km along the Camí de Cavalls to reach this little spot. You also have to keep in mind that it’s very small, so there’s not many people.

In case you were not sure, I confirm that in Cala Vidrier there is no service of any kind, but surprisingly there is a (old an dirty) bathroom in the back of the shed.

If you’re overwhelmed by the heat, you’re lucky enough to have the porch of the shed to protect yourself for a little while overlooking Es Grau.

Activities in Cala Vidrier

In Cala Vidrier you can do basically 2 activities: snorkeling and hiking.

  1. If you have come this far with your diving goggles you can swim for a good time in the bay of Es Grau. As in almost the entire island you can see great diversity of marine fauna, although this area is not within the marine reserve.
  2. If the beach is not enough for you or you get tired after a while, you can continue walking along the Cami de Cavalls exploring section 2, which reaches to Favàritx and passes several beaches where there are also usually few people. ¡Keep in mind that you need a lot of water if you are going to walk in Summer!


Map and Points of Interest

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