Which Menorca Beaches Are Less Crowded in Summer?

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If you are looking for deserted beaches in summer in Menorca you will have already noticed that it is difficult. Menorca is a very popular destination in summer and there are hundreds of thousands of tourists who visit the beaches every year.

In this article you will discover which beaches you have to go to in summer (June to August) to find the most empty beaches. As you probably already imagine, to go to the beaches with fewer people you will have to walk and enough.

How Much People are Too Much on the Beach?

Saturation feeling graphic of beach users (Anna Gallofré – 2011)

You may never have wondered, but unconsciously we all have a threshold of people from which we think the beach is “overcrowded”.

  • If you go to a Biosphere Reserve like Menorca,the logical thing is that you want to be on its magnificent beaches as relaxed and quiet as possible… but how are you going to get that if you have the neighbor with his feet almost on your towel?
  • According to a 2011 study by Anna Gallofré, with less than 8-9 m2 per person people begin to feel that the beach is saturated.

So to avoid feeling “being tight” it is best to go to the beaches that in summer have more than 9 m2 of towel space per person. There goes the list!

The 5 Less Crowded Beaches during the Summer

Son Bou and Talis
Son Bou and Talis

According to the 2018 technical report, these are the beaches with the most space (square meters) for each person. Remember that the data is taken in summer, so in spring and autumn it will be even more spacious.

  1. Son Saura – Es Banyuls (South): 1213 m2 per person
  2. Cala des Tamarells (Sa Torreta – North): 449 m2 per person
  3. S’escala (next to Favaritx – North): 379 m2 per person
  4. Son Bou – Talis (South): 316 m2 per person
  5. Cala Mica (North): 177 m2 per person

The 5 Most Crowded Beaches during the Summer

Cala Turqueta after welcoming tourists from a cruise
Cala Turqueta after welcoming tourists from a cruise

According to the 2018 report data, these are the 5 most crowded coves during the summer. It is no coincidence that they are from the south, since the south coast of Menorca is more accessible than the North Coast.

  1. It es Talaier (South): 0.14 m2 per person
  2. Binidalí (South): 2.32 m2 per person
  3. Macarelleta (South): 2.84 m2 per person (that is why I do not recommend going in Summer)
  4. Cala Turqueta (South): 3.97 m2 per person
  5. Binibquer (South): 4 m2 per person

Where Does This Data Come From?

Summer Beach Mass Summary Table – 2018 data

This data is departfrom the annual technical report published by the Consell Insular de Menorca and OBSAM.

The data of the people in each beach have been taken on each beach in 2 days of August (to know the maximum number of users). One of the days is working and the other is weekend.

There are a total of 53 beaches on the island that are counted in this report. All urban beaches are included, so it’s a good indicator of which beaches have the most people and which ones have the least.

How is the Beach Surface Measured?

If we use the ratio people /m2 to measure the crowding of the beach, it is very important to ensure that the surface of the beach is correctly counted, otherwise the reference metric has no value.

The surface of the beach is drawn from the latest official data published. For the 2018 report, the 2015 data, which is the latest published data, have been used.

To have the most reliable resting area possible (surface on which you can plant a towel), the total sand area of each beach is counted with several meters:

  • Areas with dunes
  • Areas with vegetation
  • Wetlands

Map of the Less Crowded Beaches in Summer

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