The Main Differences Between North and South Menorca

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The 2 Zones

One of the particular features of Menotca is its distribution of the beaches in two main zones. On the one hand we have the north zone, with mountainous reliefs and dark rocks. The south zone, on the other hand, has a landscape more regular with more vegetation and lighter sand and rocks.

In general, the beaches of the south have softer and lighter sand than in the north, and the water is more bright and clear. Another difference between north and south is the buildings and tourism presence.

In the south beaches of Menorca there are usually more constructions and more tourists because  the beaches are usually more accessible and more popular. In the beaches of the north there is fewer people and less construction development. It’s a pretty virgin coast and it’s more difficult to access the beaches.

The winds

In addition to the obvious differences in terms of tourism and landscape, the difference between north and south has certain importance for tourists who have boat and sail around the island.

When the south wind blows, the north is usuall  more calmed, and the opposite occurs when north wind blows.

The logic for the boats also applies to those who go to the beach by car: when north blows it’s better to go to the south, and when south blows, it’s better to go to the north.

Velero en Cala Binidalí
Velero en Cala Binidalí

To check the wind of a particular day, you can use different systems. If you have no idea, the best you can do is to ask someone who kows about it or check it on Internet. Following you can see the list of the north and south beaches, not all of them, just the ones that I find more remarkables.

Beaches of the North

Beaches of the South

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