Sa Platjola

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Sa Platjola
Sa Platjola

The beach of Sa Platjola is a tiny cove located inside the port of Maò next to the grandiose Fortress of La Mola. Just in front of sa Platjola you can see the walls of the Lazaretto of Maò.

Sa Platjola doesn’t usually have many people,even in summer. The beach is very quiet and shallow, and usually has quite posidonia all over the seabed, which makes the feeling when walking in the shore somewhat unpleasant.

In front of Sa Platjola and en Miou there are dozens of boats anchored, as this small “bay” is very protected from the winds and adverse conditions of the sea.

Beach Info

  • Orientation:West
  • Type:Unspoilt Beach
  • Services: None
  • Summer occupancy: 2/5 (the higher the more people there are)
  • Surface* of the beach: 450 m2 (* Estimate. The surface changes every year)
  • Walking Access: 50 meters (2 minutes)
  • Nearest parking: 50 meters (2 minutes)
  • Previous Beach: Rafalet
  • Next Beach: En Miou
  • Is it in the Camí de Cavalls? :Yes

How to get to Sa Platjola

Sa Platjola can be reached by car, bike, walking (although I do not recommend it) and by boat.

To get there by car, bike or on foot, you have to go to Maò:

  • Search for the port of Maò directions
  • Then look for the signs of the Fortress of La Mola
  • Once you reach the fence that gives entrance to the Fortress of La Mola, on the left there is a parking for about 10 vehicles (it is easy to spot)

Once in Sa Platjola

I hope you came to Sa Platjola in search of more than just a beach, because otherwise you may be disappointed. The beach itself is not magnificent and its strong point is the tranquility of the area and the proximity to 2 of the main tourist attractions of the port of Maò.

Visit the Magnificent Fortress of La Mola

the mola fortress isabel ii - menorca
the mola fortress isabel ii – menorca

The Fortress of Elizabeth II,also known as the fortress of La Mola,is a mid-19th century building that Elizabeth II ordered to build in response to British military pressure from Menorca.

  • The island’s strategic position in the Mediterranean made the English interested in mastering it for use against the French in the fight for dominance of the sea routes.
  • The construction of the fortress lasted just over 25 years,and when it was finally inaugurated in 1875 its artillery technology was already obsolete. One of the curiosities of this fortress is that it has never been attacked. Because of this, its state of conservation is excellent and has become a very popular tourist attraction in Menorca.

Visit the Island of Lazaretto of Mao

Sailboats anchored in front of the Lazaretto de Mao
Sailboats anchored in front of the Lazaretto de Mao

The Lazareto of Mao,located on the island within the port of Maò, was a hospital in which the crews of the boats arriving at the port were quarantined.

Although it is now an island, the Lazareto was formerly a peninsula. An artificial excavation was made to turn it into an island and to ensure that the boats of la Mola could sail to the port when there were strong storms.

  • Today (2020) the lazareto of Maa is very well preserved, has a website with a lot of interesting information and can be visited by paying 18 euros.

Sa Platjola and En Miou Photos

Map and Points of Interest

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