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is one of the best known companies when it comes to sea travel. Formerly it was the only option to travel to Menorca. Unlike Balearia, Transmediterranea only operates routes to the port of Mahón.

If you go to Ciutadella and decide to arrive to Menorca with this company, you will have to travel the little more than 40 kilometers that separate both cities by car, bus, cab or other means of transport.

If your final destination is Maó or Sant Lluís, then traveling with Transmediterranea is a very good option to take the car with you.

Sorolla Vessel

The main route to reach Maó is the Barcelona-Mahón route, which is covered by the Sorolla ship. The Sorolla is a large ship with capacity for about 900 passengers and more than 300 vehicles in the hold.

It is a vessel that sails better than the fast ferries, so unless there is a very rough sea, people do not usually get seasick. As it is a low speed boat (it does not exceed 20 knots during navigation), the trip to the island takes approximately 8 hours.

The Sorolla has all kinds of services on board. Bars, pub, discotheque, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, gym, nursery, public telephones and even a movie theater. As for tickets, two types of accommodations can be purchased: armchair or cabin.

Obviously, the armchair option is the most economical and the most uncomfortable of them all. If you travel in an armchair, think that the trip will be long and heavy in general. As for the cabins, there are different classes, with the preferred double cabin being the most expensive option, with private bathroom, television and a window overlooking the sea.

Interior view of a preferred double cabin
Interior view of a preferred double cabin

Transmediterranea Routes

If you want to arrive to Menorca by boat with your car you can consult
all the possible routes to get to Menorca

Acciona’s financial problems

In 2020 several digital and print media published that Acciona-Trasmediterranea had serious financial problems caused by the decrease of passengers after the confinements due to COVID-19.

The port of Maó

If you travel to Menorca with Acciona Transmediterranea, I recommend you to go on deck when the ship is arriving to the port of Mahon.

This port is one of the largest natural harbors in the world and the entrance can take perfectly half an hour, during which time you can contemplate the scenery and start enjoying Menorca.

Aerial view of the port of Mahón, 5 km long (GPL License)
Aerial view of the port of Mahón, 5 km long (GNU License)

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