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Menorca has two natural ports receiving boats and ferries from various shipping companies: Maó and Ciutadella.

Arriving to Menorca by boat is a very good option for those who want to travel from the Mediterranean coast cities like Barcelona or Valencia.

The main reason to travel by boat to Menorca is that you can bring your own car. Renting a car in the island in summer is expensive. The most common route is without any doubt Barcelona – Ciutadella covered by the fast ferry of Balearia.

To choose the best option you should consider the length of the trip and the sensitivity  to sea sickness. If you get easily sick, avoid Iscomar and the fast ferry of Balearia.  If you want to go fast you have to take the fast ferry. If you travel with kids bear in mind that children tend to get nervous more than 3h in indoor places.

Those are the available routes to get to Menorca by boat:

From Barcelona

There are 2 routes from Barcelona, covered by Balearia and Transmediterranea companies:

  1. Barcelona – Ciutadella (Balearia): You can be in Ciutadella in 6 ours. Breakfast in Barcelona, dinner in Menorca.
  2. Barcelona – Maó (Balearia): Good opttion if you’re staying in Maó, Sant Lluís or Fornells, or if you get sick in the sea (cause the boat is very stable).
  3. Barcelona – Maó (Transmediterranea-Acciona).

From Valencia

There is only 1 single route from Valencia, with Transmediterranea:

  1. Valencia – Maó (Transmediterranea-Acciona): If you want to travel by boat this is the only option :(.

From Mallorca

There are 3 companies departing from Mallorca: Balearia, Transmediterránea e Iscomar. Iscomar is the cheapest one usually:

  1. Alcúdia – Ciutadella (Baleraria): good option from Alcúdia with car.
  2. Alcúdia – Cituadella (Iscomar): for the tough ones. Closest thing to travel inside a can. It seems like you are in a tinplate but it’s very cheap.
  3. Palma – Maó (Transmediterránea-Acciona): The best option for those who travel from Palma with their car.

Travelling with Car or Motorbike

If you want to travel by boat with your car don’t worry because all the companies let boarding if you pay a tax. You have to bear in mind that during the trip you cannot access to the garage so take with you the food and drinks you will need!

If you want to take your motorbike you can also board it paying of course less than cars.

Travelling With Bike, Surfboard or Similars

You can board bikes for free with the three companies. In general surfboards can also be carried for free but you should left them in the garage.

Travelling With Pets

Pets not count as passengers but in some cases must be locked in cells. Ask each case to the shipping line because it depends on the route, the boat and probably the size and danger of your pet. I have seen unlashed dogs on certain routes and I also dogs barking locked for hours in the animal zone.


Depending on the year the times of departures and arrivals of each company and boat can change. It’s better to go into the links of the route you are interested in to see the correct timetables.

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