Cala Rafalet

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Cala Rafalet Beach
Cala Rafalet Beach

Cala Rafalet is a unique cove with a difficult description. This very narrow cove is very close to Maó and has the peculiarity that to take a dip you have to go over some rocks. From the sand it looks like the sea is hiding, as if I didn’t want you to know it’s there.

Cala Rafalet is very small and can accommodate very few people. Despite this it is quite well known, especially since the famous TV advertisement of Estrella 2010 (a local beer in Spain), where there were scenes shot in this corner of Menorca.

Beach Info

  • Orientation: East
  • Type: Unspoilt Beach
  • Services: None
  • Summer occupancy: 3/5 (the higher the more people there are)
  • Surface* of the beach: 20 m2 (* Estimate. The surface changes every year)
  • Walking Access: 750 meters (10 minutes)
  • Nearest parking: 750 meters (10 minutes)
  • Previous Beach: Alcaufar
  • Next Beach: Sa Platjola
  • Is it in the Camí de Cavalls?: No (but passes very close, where you leave the car)

How to Get to Rafalet

Detour to Cala Rafalet
Detour to Cala Rafalet

To get to Rafalet you need to drive to Maó and then head towards the urbanization of s’Algar. Once in s’Algar you have to go to the Camí de Cavalls, through the section 19 of the trail.

If you follow the signs towards the Camí de Cavalls or to Cala Rafalet, you will go on a narrow trail. On this road you can leave the car on some side where there are no exits from some house (don’t block the exits).

  • Once you have left the car you have to walk about 5 minutes through the Camí de Cavalls until you find the post number 051 (Section 19, Signpost 51). When you see the pole there will be a detour to your right. From here it is about going down following the trails.
  • sometimes I have strayed a little and ended up on the cliffs that flank the cove, but even if you get lost it is easy to go back and keep going down to the cove. Once you arrive you will pass under some trees and see a sandy cove less than 5 meters wide. At the end of the cove is the sea!

Once There

Cliffs of Cala Rafalet
Cliffs of Cala Rafalet

Cala Rafalet is not a comfortable or conventional beach. Because it is so closed and surrounded by high cliffs, in the sandy area you can not sunbathe all day. If you fancy some sunbathing, don’t go to Cala Rafalet.

Cala Rafalet doesn’t have services, nor lifeguard, nor artificial distraction. You’re just in front of the cliffs and the sea. Enjoy it

Slackline – Waterline

Thanks to the shape and cliffs of Cala Rafalet, this place is the perfect spot for lovers of Slackline or Waterline.

In fact, in 2016 Alejandro Gimeno surpassed Waterline’s world record,walking 30 meters high on a ribbon for more than 303 meters. Will You Try It?


Map and Points of Interest

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