Caleta de s’Elisabet Beach

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Caleta de s'Elisabet in the Afternoon
Caleta de s’Elisabet in the Afternoon

Caleta de s’Elisabet Beach (or Cala n’Elisabet) is a tiny red-sandy cove located in the eastern part of Binimel·la Of all the coves in the area, it is the one that has the most sand to plant the towel and umbrella,mainly because it is about 20 meters deep.

From the parking lot of Binimel·la, walking to the east are these 5 coves:

  1. Cala de Binimel·la
  2. Cova des Pont
  3. Sa Caleta de n’Elisabet
  4. Racó d’en Miquel
  5. Punta de Binimel·la

This Cove is very small, only 10 meters long and with space for about 20 people comfortably. It is a beach that in summer can be a little crowded, since the whole area of Binimella and Pregonda receives hundreds of tourists who want to go to these beaches.

How to Get To Caleta de s’Elisabet

Binimel·la Beaches Parking
Binimel·la Beaches Parking

Getting to the Caleta de s’Elisabet is very easy from the binimel·la car park,next to the Binimel·la restaurant. It is about walking to the beach of Binimel·la, passing through the lake where there are some ducks, and then continue to the right along the coast. In total it is about walking about 800 meters.

On the way to Cala de s’Elisabet you will pass through the 5 coves of the area and you can choose which one to stay in. There is also a car park that gives direct access to the coves of Binimel-la which saves you about 400 meters. of the trip.

Once There…


Congratulations! You are in a cove facing west,so as the day goes by the sun will go towards the beach and you will always have it in front of you. Like almost all unspoilt beaches, there are no services of any kindhere, no lifeguard, no showers. Just you and nature.

The area is very good for swimming and snorkeling. The area is included in the Marine Reserve of the North of Menorca, a protected fishing area where there is a great diversity of fauna. If you go with glasses you can swim about 50m in the direction of Binimel·la (looking at the sea, to the left) until you reach the entrance to the Cova des Pont. You can swim under and into this micro-cove for 2 people.

If you like hiking you can walk to the following beaches by the Camí de Cavalls,the famous road that goes around Menorca. Youcan get to the Cala d’en Valent beach or the Canal Mitger beach in about 15 minutes, although if you want to sunbathe and relax it is better to stay in s’Elisabet.

In short, in Cala s’Elisabet you can:

  1. Sunbathing in a privileged, sun-oriented unspoiled environment
  2. Snorkel inside Menorca’s Northern Marine Reserve
  3. Swim 50 meters to the Cova des Pont,and pass from the sea to the interior of the beach through a natural tunnel
  4. Walk along the Camí de Cavalls to Cala d’en Valent beach or Canal Mitger Beach

And finally, if you have come with diving fins and a buoy, you can swim 1100 meters to the Escull de Pregonda,where you can jump to the natural pool behind the islet (be careful, in the area there are many boats).


Map and Points of Interest


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