Cala Morell

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Cala Morell
Cala Morell

Cala Morell is an urban cove in the north of Menorca that is very well protected by its shape and by the cliffs that surround it. It is in the urbanization of Cala Morell and very close to the famous necropolis of Cala Morell.

Cala Morell has a small sandy area about 50 meters long, and lots of small bathing areas with platforms where you can leave the towel and other things.

Cala Morell is one of the best coves for diving or snorkeling. On the sides there are rocky bottoms with lots of marine wildlife, and there is also a sandyer area that increases the variety of fish you can see.

Beach Info

  • Orientation:North
  • Type:Urban Beach
  • Services: Restaurants nearby, showers
  • Summer occupancy: 4/5 (the higher the more people there are)
  • Surface* of the beach: 500 m2 the sand area (* Estimate. The surface changes every year)
  • Foot Access: 100 meters (3 minutes)
  • Nearest parking:100 meters (3 minutes) – Parking in Cala Morell
  • Previous Beach:Ses Fontanelles
  • Next Beach:CalesPiques
  • Is it in the Camí de Cavalls? :No (The CdC passes through the car park, not the beach)

How to Get To Cala Morell

You can reach Cala Morell by bus, car or bike. It is one of the beaches away from large urban centers with better road communications.

By Bus

By Bus you only have to take bus 62 in Ciutadella,which also stops in Algaiarens.

By car, Motorbike or Bike

To go by car,from Maò, you must first go to Ciutadella, and once you are about to arrive you have to follow the signs towards Cala Morell. It’s pretty well indicated. The bike access is exactly the same and all the time by road (watch out the traffic!).

  • The Parking lot of Cala Morell (free), which is a few meters from the beach, is filled first thing in the morning during the summer months. If it is full you will have to search through the urbanization and walk the streets to the beach.
  • As you go to Cala Morell, by car, bus or bike, you will pass through the access to the beaches of Algaiarens.

Once There…

Boats anchored in Cala Morell
Boats anchored in Cala Morell

If your intention is to sunbathe on a sandy beach,you better avoid Cala Morell, there is little sand and chances are you will finish one of the rocks on the sides.

The good thing about Cala Morell is that it offers many leisure possibilities as it is an urban beach but very close to the limit of the Marine Reserve of Menorca.

  • You can dive with bottles, snorkel, swim the bay. The waters of Cala Morell are very well protected,so unless the wind blows strongly from North or West, the beach is quite calm
  • Being in an urban area, there are restaurants and you can eat with sea views in the Baristiu or Trogloditas.
  • And if you want a little sport or movement, you can walk through the urbanization or the Camí de Cavalls. If you leave the beach and go along the Camí de Cavalls to the east (looking at the sea, on the right), you will see spectacular houses with very good views over the cliffs.
  • And don’t forget a visit to the Necropolis of Cala Morell if you haven’t had enough!


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