Snorkeling in Menorca

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Snorkel en Menorca
Snorkel in Menorca

Diving with glasses (snorkeling) at the sea is a very easy sport to practice in Menorca. For snorkeling you only need a pair of glasses and one tube, easy and cheap.

It’s a sport without any technical difficulty if you dive over 2 meters deep. Want to know what are the best beaches and coves in Menorca to snorkel?

If you want to snorkel in Menorca, you can go to any beach, you will not be disappointed. But if you want to spend hours underwater and see sea wildlife diversity, you must go to the Marine Reserve on the North of Menorca.

Beaches Within the Marine Reserve

The beaches inside the reserve are differentiated according to the protection zone in which are located. Zone A is the most protected and Zone C is the least protected. These are the beaches located inside the reserve on the north coast. All of them are good options for snorkeling:

  • Caló d’en Sintes (Zone C)
  • Caló d’Alfurinet (Zone C)
  • Macar d’Alfurinert (Zone A)
  • Cala Pilar (Zone A)
  • Cala Moragues (Zone A)
  • Cala en Calderer (Zone A)
  • Cala Barril (Zone A)
  • Cala Pregonda (Zone C)
  • Cala Binimel·la (Zone C)
  • Cala Mica (Zone C)
  • Cala Cavalleria (Zone C)
  • Cala Torta (Zone C)
  • Cala Viola de Ponent (Zone C)
  • Cala Viola de Llevant (Zone C)
  • Cala Tirant (Zone C)

What Wildlife Can You See in Menorca?

I have spent many years diving without air tanks in Menorca. And although the number of fish and marine life seems to have diminished, I still enjoy with the quantity of Grouppers, Muraenidaes and Starfish that you can see in Menorca. It’s also relatively easy to see octopuses and mullet.

Urchins and jellyfish are everywhere on the island, so be prepared to see a few everywhere you go. If you go to the beaches of north marine reserve and you can go down 2 or 3 meters deep, you can enjoy much diversity.

You can also go to the southern beaches, looking on rocks and algae zones. If you want to attract fish towards you, you can take some algae from the rocks and let it float. In a few seconds, fish start to come to eat it.

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Tips To Go Snorkeling

Even though snorkeling is very simple and fun, there are some techniques that can help you enjoy more the activity. Here are some tips to see the maximum species.

  • Dive longer: If you do snorkel five minutes is hard to see anything. My snorkel tours are usually one hour, but it depends on how well you can’t hold the cold.
  • Do not make noise: if your swim moving around a lot you can’t see fishes especially the big ones.
  • Stay away from people: in general, if you do snorkel on a crowded shore you will not see so much.
  • Look under rocks and caves: Many times under rocks and caves you can find fishes, octopus, grouper or even moray eels (do not get too close).
  • Look carefully on the white sand seabeds: Usually in the  white sand you can see spider fish. And from some depth (6-7 meters) you will see some manta ray. If you look closely you’ll see how they move.Look beside the boat anchors: around the boats anchored in the sand is easy to see fishes.
  • Wear gloves and flippers: Gloves let you touch the rocks without hurting you. The flippers prevent you get tired after 10 minutes of swimming.

Underwater Photos

Scuba Diving

If you are looking for diving with oxygen bottles you’ll find this option more expensive. This is because in 2013 they start charging 50 Euros taxes to the divers on protected areas in Menorca.

Of course it’s forbidden to fish in these areas, out of respect and because you would not be the first arrested by the police to fish in the reserve.


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