Arenalet de s’Enclusa

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Arenalet de sEnclusa
Arenalet of s’Enclusa

The tiny beach of Arenalet de s’Enclusa is a little cala located in the north zone of Menorca next to the beach of Savinar de Mongofra.

It’s a beach with difficult access that is usually pretty empty even during the peak season. The beach is 40 meters long and has large amounts of vegetable remains because of the wind.

The beach is surrounded by 2 great beaches (Mongofra and s’Esclusa) and the space to place the towell is pretty limited and with some rocks, that’s why the beach is habitually empty during all year.

How To Get There

Puerta del Camí de Cavalls - inicio del recorrido
Fence of the Camí de Cavalls – Starting point of the path

To arrive to the beach you need to have a lot of patience and be aware because it’s not easy if you go by land. Firstly you have to go by car, bike or go walking until the zone of the Favàritx Lighthouse, and take the Camí de Cavalls (Horse Path) towards Fornells. During all the path you will be able to enjoy a shinny sun and almost no trace of shadow. Bring water!

After walking for almost half an hour, you will arrive to a detour to the right. The detour is between the 2000 and 2200 meters from the starting point of the path. It’s not indicated, so you will have to use GPS or your instinct.

What you must know is that if you arrive to the signpost of the Camí de Cavalls number 40 of that path (the signposts are numbered and in order) you have skipped the detour.

Once You Are There

Congratulations if you have arrived, ¡It’s not easy at all! You have arrived to a remote and hidden place where only those who have boat often arrive.

As you can see, there’s absolutely nothing that reminds to civilization (with the exception of the boats that anchor in front of the beach). No lifeguard, no water, no food.

At the bottom of the sea, you can see mantas ray if you swim away from the coast, so if you have brought the diving googles and flippers, you did well.

Map and Points of Interest




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