Binibèquer Vell Fishermen Town

Binibequer Vell from the Sea in Winter


Binibèquer Vell (or Binibeca Vell) is one of the most visited towns of Menorca during the summer months. It is a “village” built in 1972 as an imitation of the old houses of fishermen. If you are looking for some information about its history, you may find very derogatory comments about Binibèquer.

For some it is just a “big lie”, a village built to lure tourists into thinking that this is an authentic old fishing village.

Regardless of its authenticity, Binibèquer is worth a visit as it is a quite charming place, with houses and narrow alleys where it is quite fun to get lost for a moment. If you like photography do not forget the camera because in this town you can make great pictures.

How to Get There

Getting to Binibèquer is really easy.

From Maó only need to go to Sant Lluís and follow the signs. The road leading to Binibèquer from Sant Lluís is very nice, especially If you travel without traffic.

From Ciutadella, you have to take the road towards Maó and take the road to Sant Lluís, and from there follow the signs to Binebèquer Vell.

BInibèquer vell menorca cartell
Cartel indicativo de Binibèquer Vell (Binibeca Vell)

Once You Are There…

Calles estrechas de Binibèquer Vell
Calles estrechas de Binibèquer Vell

When in Binibèquer it is almost mandatory to get lost, walk the narrow alleys and see the small white houses (what else would you do in a little charming town like this one?). In addition to let time go by, in the “village” you can find restaurants with cool terraces and a small shopping center.

I personally recommend a visit before August, since you can enjoy more of the peace and quiet. All the pictures you see on this page were taken in winter. If you visit in winter, keep in mind that most of the restaurants and shops will be closed (take food if you want to spend a few hours) and you will be able to see a deserted village.

You can combine a visit to the village with some beach time in any of the beautiful beaches close to Sant Lluis. Besides Binibeca beach, you can go to the beaches of Biniancolla, Binisafuller, Biniparratx and Binidalí (I love little Binidali), all in the South Zone of Menorca.

Binidali Beach
Binidali Beach


Map & Points Of Interest

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