Cala Binisafúller

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Cala Binisafúller
Cala Binisafúller


The small beach of Binisafúller, also known as Binisafua, is a white sand cala located in the south coast of Menorca in the Sant Lluis village, next to Cala Binibeca

The beach is very small, and it has a shape of U which means that it’s well protected against the waves. On the left side of the cala there is a small artificial ramp through which boats can get in and out of the water.

How To Get There

Parking cala binisafuller
Parking of cala binisafuller

Arriving to Binisafúller is easy. From Ciutadella, you have to go along the general road of Menorca towards Maó and take the deviation towards the airport, go through Sant Climent and Binidalí until you get to Binisafúller. Around 55km that you can do in 40 minutes.

From Maó is even easier. You have to go towards Sant Lluís (you will come across the Binifadet Winery!) and from Sant Lluís you have to follow the signs until Binisafúller. It’s around 11km, you shouldn’t last more than 10-15 minutes.

The Parking is free and next to the beach, and it’s quite small (no more than 20 cars fit in), so if you see that the parking is crowded, probably the beach will be crowded as well.

Once You Are There

In Cala Binisafúller you don’t have many options, it’s a really small beach in a urban area, so people don’t usually come to the beach from far locations having virgin beaches all over the island.

If you like walking, you can take the Camí de Cavalls (Horse Path), that passes behind this cala, and surrounds a big part of the coast. Along the Camí de Cavalls there are artificial stone stairs that descend to the sea.

If you like to eat well, you have 2 good restaurants very close to the Binisafúller beach.

  1. The first one is the Club Náutico Binisafua, a small beach bar at the seafront where they offer paellas and pretty good mediterranean dishes. They changed the owner in 2015, and since then it was always full and it was impossible to get a table without previous booking.
  2. The second one is the Txoko, a restaurant that opened in 2015 by the previous owners of the Club Náutico Binisafúa. Ther offer tapas, rices and fishes as well as very good home made desserts.

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