Cala Roja

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Cala Roja
Cala Roja

Cala Roja or Cala Rotja is the little sister of Cavalleria. It’s a small and isolated beach that even the most crowded summer days is pretty empty. It not unusal as it’s located next to Cavalleria, one of the stars of the north coast of Menorca, with plenty of sand where to place the towel and the umbrella.

The name of Cala Roja comes from the red sand that you can find at one side of the shore of the beach, so it’s normal to see tourist who cover their skin with this red mud. If you go to Cavalleria and you don’t feel like going into the water between so many people, you can always go walking to Cala Roja. Although there is less sand and more seaweed in the shore you will be more relaxed than in Cavalleria.

How to Get There

Camino hacia Cala Roja
Path to Cala Roja

To arrive to Cala Roa you have to do like if you were going to Cavalleria, as they share the same parking. From Maó as well as from Ciutadella, you have to go towards Es Mercadal, and once you are there, you have to follow the signs to the beaches, they are very well indicated.

Once you get to the parking of Cavalleria (free, capacity for 100 cars approximately), you have to follow the path and when you arrive to the stairs that go down to Cavalleria, instead of taking the stairs you have to walk to the right around 5 minutes, you will soon see the beach Cala Roja.

The access way from the parking is full of rocks, but you can go with any kind of shoes if you walk carefully.

Once You Are There

Vista desde el desvío a  Cala Roja - II
View from the detour to Cala Roja – II

Cala Roja is a virgin beach and there are no services, stores or safeguards. You are free in an isolated place of the north coast of Menorca. As in Cavalleria, the beach is appropiate to practice snorkel.

If you are bored of so much sun and beach, you can always go back through where you came from and take a walk until Cavalleria, and if you still have energy for more senderism, you can go on walking through the Camí de Cavalls until Cala Mica.

From the detour to Cala Roja you can take some beautiful pictures of the landscape.

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