Beach of Son Xoriguer

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Son Xoriguer
Son Xoriguer

About The Beach

The Son Xoriguer beach is placed in the urbanization of Son Xoriguer, near the marina of Cala en Bosch. Son Xoriguer is a beach very frequented by tourists and families due to its easy access, so if you are looking for tranquility and exclusively beaches, obviously this is not your place.

How To Get There

You can arrive easily to Son Xoriguer from Ciutadella by car, motorbike or bike. You just have to take the road that goes to Cap d’Artrutx Lighthouse, and once you see signs of Cala en Bosch or Son Xoriguer, you have to follow them in order to arrive to the free parking (there are 3 parking areas along the beach, that’s why you will allways find the beach crowded).

Acceso a Son Xoriguer
Access to Son Xoriguer
Parking de Son Xoriguer
Parking of Son Xoriguer


Once You Are There

If you are in Son Xoriguer Beach, that’s because you probably chose convenience and you don’t mind the excess of people and tourists, so the best thing you can do is to enjoy the sun and the sea, and maybe do some snorkeling. You also have some restaurants and all kind of services if you want to have lunch or buy an icecream.

The beach has a saveguard. If what you want is something different, I recommend you 100% that you go walking through the Camí de Cavalls towards Cala Parejals and Cova des Pardals. Cala Parejals is a small cala where you can rarely find sand, and only few people fit in the beach.


Cala Parejals
Cala Parejals

Once you pass the Cala Parejals through the Camí de Cavalls, you will arrive to the Cova des Pardals (a small cave). This cave was built by the old owner of the house in order to be able to enter its boat to the same house. I don’t have data sources but I heard that the contraband was something usual thanks to this small wharf.


Caseta Cova des Pardals
Cova des Pardals House
Embarcadero en Cova des Pardals
Wharf in Cova des Pardals

Map and Points of Interest

 Map of Son Xoriguer, Cala Parejals and Cova des Pardals



Hotels Near to Son Xoriguer

You are lucky because Son Xoriguer and Cala en Bosch have one of the largest hotel supply of Menorca. Here you can see all the hotels of Son Xoriguer and Cala en Bosch.

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