Cala Tortuga

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Cala Tortuga in summer
Cala Tortuga in summer

Very Important Update:

  • 2019: From June 1, 2019, access is only possible by bus. It is not yet known when the new parking will start operating(news1, news2). You can also go on foot, by bike, by taxi and by sea. Bus tickets cost 3.5 EUR/person, there are 6 daily journeys. The first bus to Favàritx leaves at 09:45 and the last return to Maó is at 19:00.
  • From 1 June 2018 to 31 October 2018, it is forbidden to access the place by your own vehicle. It can only be accessed by bus,bike or taxi.

Cala Tortuga is an unspoilt beach on the north coast of Menorca, located next to the lighthouse of Favàritx and very close to the also well known Cala Presili (or Cala Capifort). Cala Tortuga is also known as Arenal de Morella, but in all guides, maps and posters it appears as Cala Tortuga. The name of the beach comes from the turtles that inhabit the lagoon next to the beach (Morella lagoon).

The beach has a length of about 200 meters,and it is quite narrow (about 12 meters), as it can be seen in the photos. If you stay a few meters from the shore, the water doesn’t cover too much, so it’s a very good place for relaxed baths or with kids, provided you manage to get there with them!

How to Get to Cala Tortuga

Check the access restrictions by car before you go.

From both Ciutadella and Maó, head towards the Lighthouse of Favàritx or towards the albufera des Grau.

When you get to the road leading to the lighthouse, you have to ignore the sign of private property and go straight ahead. Just before reaching the lighthouse you will see a free parking and a few meters beyond, on the same road, the information post of Cala Tortuga and Cala Presili.

  • The path that leads to the beach is indicated at its beginning as Son Camamil-la, and from this point you will have to walk about 1900 meters,along the Camí de Cavalls, to reach Cala Tortuga.
  • The road can be traveled on mountain bike without much difficulty and it is very well indicated, you cannot miss it. Bring water if you go on a sunny day!
Access to Cala Tortuga and Cala Presili (Capifort) - Son Camamil-la
Access to Cala Tortuga and Cala Presili (Capifort) – Son Camamil-la

Once There

There are no services of any kind in Cala Tortuga. The “only” thing you can do is enjoy the views of the Lighthouse of Fafaritx and the turquoise water and the sand. You have to keep in mind that it is a beach quite frequented by nudists,but that even in high season is less busy than other more popular beaches like Cavalleria or Pregonda.

Walk a little of the Camí de Cavalls.

If you like to walk, the beach is on the route of the Camí de Cavalls,so you can follow it towards Maó and contemplate the beautiful landscapes of the north coast.

Snorkel in the North of Menorca

It is also agood place to dive or snorkel from the surface,although if you are looking for rocky bottoms you will have to go to one of the sides of the beach, since in the middle the bottom is mostly sandy, with some meadows of posidonia.

Last meters of Camí de Cavalls before reaching Cala Tortuga
Last meters of Camí de Cavalls before reaching Cala Tortuga

Map and Points of Interest


Hotels Near Cala Tortuga

The properties near Tortuga are the same as those in Cala Presili. If you are staying in port d’Addaia you will be about 45 minutes from Cala Tortuga counting the road drive and walking time..

  1. Menurka port d’addaia: villas in one of the best urbanizations of Es Mercadal, in a quiet environment with hardly any traffic. In 25 minutes you can be in Cala Presili… Enjoy!
  2. Castell Sol Apartments:if you can’t afford to be in Menurka, these apartments in the same area are a somewhat more affordable option. Pool, wi-fi and sea views… what else do you want?

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