Son Saura Beaches

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Playas de Son Saura en Ciutadella (Bellavista)
Son Saura Beaches in Ciutadella (Bellavista)

The beaches of Son Saura, located on the south coast of Ciutadella, are quite popular for their easy access and its amplitude. Son Saura comprises Banyuls beach (facing west) and Bellavista (facing east), but almost everyone refers to those two beaches as Son Saura. From the parking first you find the beach “des Banyuls” and after, Bellavista. The two beaches are separated by “Lloses des governador”.

The beach Banyuls has a length of 200 meters and a 40 meters of width, although its dimensions are not stable and are changing over time. It seems to me that there is less sand every year. Bellavista beach has a length of 310 meters and 40 meters wide. Also gives me the impression that the sand is gradually diminishing. In the two beaches there is a strong presence of Posidonia (one marine plant). throughout the year, which sometimes annoys tourists.

There is another beach in the north of Menorca called Arenal de Son Saura, be careful not confuse it with the Son Saura beaches in Ciutadella.

How To Get There

To get to Son Saura you have to go to Ciutadella and take the Cami de Sant Joan de Missa by the Ronda Sur of Ciutadella (see map). Once in the Cami de Sant Joan de Missa, follow the directions of the signs “Son Saura” for about 12 km. It’s all very well indicated. Just take the Camí de Sant Joan de Missa there are neon signs that indicate whether parking spaces are available. If you see the sign “full”, it’s best to find another beach.

The Son Saura parking is free, but in summer is usually full and sometimes more car access is not allowed. Therefore, if you want to go to Son Saura, ideally go very early in the morning or go late in the afternoon.

I personally prefer to go early, to avoid encountering countless cars going back in the afternoon. If you go by motorbike or bike you will not have problems. If you arrive there with car and can’t pass because it’s full, you can try to talk to the guard to see if he lets you pass.

Parking de Son Saura en invierno
Parking in Son Saura

Once You Are There…

Once in Son Saura, you will see that before arriving at Banyuls there are people in the shadows, doing picnic and chatting. It’s a typical scene in Son Saura. many local and foreign families take shelter under the shade of the trees to spend the day at the beach.

If you love the sun, you can choose between the first beach (Banyuls) and second (Bellavista). I don’t prefer one in particular. If I go to Son Saura I always try to go walking to Es Talaier. Besides sunbathing and swimming, there is not much activity you can perform on these beaches.

If you prefer to practice sport, you always have the option of hiking in the Camí de Cavalls, which passes behind  Son Saura and goes to Es Talaier. You can also try to arrive at  Talaia d’Artrutx, a tower of 60 meters high. It’s just 350 meters from the coast.

Vista de Son Saura (Bellavista) desde las lloses des governador
Son Saura (Bellavista) seen from las “lloses des governador”

Map & Points Of Interest

Hotels Near Son Saura

Son Saura beach has enormous quantities of sand, picnic areas are in the shade and walking distance from other coves of the south of Menorca, normally you want to stay closer! I’m not going to lie to you, there is only one option to be near Son Saura, and it’s not cheap:

  1. Hotel Rural Morvedra Nou: I have no words to describe this hotel in the middle of nowhere. Outdoor pool, a restaurant with great quality and amazing starry skies on clear days. In 20 minutes you can be in Son Saura.

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