Cala Pregonda

Cala Pregonda desde la distancia
Cala Pregonda from the distance

Cala Pregonda is one of the most known and appreciated beaches in Menorca. Located in the north, it is a slightly different and unique beach in comparison with the rest of the island.

The color of the sand is gold or red, and there are micro islands in front of the beach that protect the sand from the waves, making this place a real  paradise.

Did you know Cala Pregonda has been featured two albums of Mike Oldfield?

How To Get There

To drive to Pregonda you have to take, from Es Mercadal, the road to Fornells, and look for the exit to the Cavalleria beach.

Once on the road, it’s pretty easy to get to the beach, just need to follow the signs to Binimel·la and park in the free parking. For more details, please consult the map at the bottom of the information.

There is a small private path leading to the beach, but the owners do not allow its usage, therefore to get to Pregonda you have to walk through the famous Camí de Cavalls in the middle of a spectacular scenery. So you can only get to the beach walk from the parking Binimel·la or by boat.

The walk to Cala Pregonda is quite hard, because it is about a 30-40 minutes walk under the sun through rocky terrain (the famous Cami de Cavalls), and some ups and downs that can leave you K.O. at 2pm.

Lago de Binimel·la
Binimel·la lake with ducks. The White little house is the restaurant and the free parking.

Once You Are There…

Once on the beach of Pregonda, there are no services of any kind, so you better bring enough water and food if you are staying several hours. One of the peculiarities of this beach is that the sun usually on the back after a certain hour, which is uncomfortable for some people.

If you like diving, it is also advisable to take snorkel glasses, because in the side of the beach there is a good variety of fishes.

From the beach, if you look closely, you can see the lighthouse of Cavalleria, located in the northernmost part of Menorca.

If you go to Pregonda, just before the last little hill that takes you to the sand, look down on rocky island that protects the beach from the sea. If you look at the rocks it you may see the silhouette of a woman praying or (pregando=praying in spanish). You can see in the first photo of the item. That is why this beach is called Cala Pregonda.

And if you are looking for some cliff-jumps, you just have to swim to the small island in front of the beach. When you reach the shore, climb to the top and once you’re up you will see a magnificent natural pool where you can jump into. This beach has it all!! Relac, landscapes and cliff-jumps.

Vista del faro de Cavalleria desde Pregonda (al fondo de color blanco)
CAvalleria Lighthouse from Pregonda beach (white, at the center of the image).

Map & Points of Interest



Hotels Near Cala Pregonda

Fortunately for nature lovers, Pregonda is isolated from civilization. This means that the nearest hotel is more than 10km away. Nevertheless, here these two recommendations to be relatively close to Pregonda:

  1. Agroturisme Ca Na Xini: Farmhouse in a spectacular estate that has been for more than 30 years under the care of the same family. You can tell when things are made with passion. Rural but with wifi and free parking!
  2. TRH Tirant Playa: The agritourism is fine if you can afford it. In this hotel you get quality at a more affordable price near Fornells, where in addition to approach Pregonda you can do kayaking, sailing and all kinds of water sports.

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