Torre del Ram Hippodrome

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Trotting in Torre del Ram
Trotting in Torre del Ram

The Hippodrome de Torre del Ram, also known as Hippodrome de Ciutadella, is a mythical racecourse with a lot of history behind it.

It is the only privately owned racetrack in the Balearic Islands, and its long-term operation is unknown due to the economic difficulties caused by the lack of public.

The first trotting race was held in 1971, and since then competitions have been held until the present day.

How to get to the Hippodrome

The Torre del Ram racecourse is on the tip of Menorca.

  • If you come from Maó you have to go to Ciutadella. Once you arrive in Ciutadella, follow the signs to Cala en Blanes.
  • If you come from Ciutadella, take the main road, or the old road to go to Cala en Blanes, and then you will start to see the signs of the racecourse. If you get lost ask because it is easy to get there. The entrance fee is 5€.

You can go by car and park for free next door (10 meters), although if you go very late in August or September it is likely to be full and you will have to park in the avenue that can be seen next to the Hippodrome (map).

Las Carreras

Don’t expect a racetrack like the ones in the movies when you visit, as this is a really peculiar place. The races are trotting races, and the riders are seated in chariots that will remind more than one of Roman movies.

The output “control” system is called Autostart. The name is very well chosen, since it is an Automobile that stands in front of the horses and unfolds a fence that marks the start.

Inhandicap races (races in which some horses run longer distances than others), distance control seems to be non-existent.

Autostart at Torre del Ram racetrack
Autostart at Torre del Ram racetrack

How Betting Works

Until 2005, when the computerized betting system was created, betting at the racetrack was a rather curious procedure. On some occasions people could be seen betting when the race had already started, something totally illogical.

Now the system is a bit more modern, and betting tickets are printed instantly.

Betting in general pays poorly. I have seen tickets of 2€ paid at 2,5€, that is to say, 1,25€ for each Euro wagered.

  • If you want to win money, the racetrack is not your place, unless you hit a three-way jackpot.
  • If you want to spend a fun time with your family watching the races, this is an ideal place for you
Hippodrome Torre del Ram ticket offices
Hippodrome Torre del Ram ticket offices

Hippodrome Services

The racetrack has services designed so that parents can go with their children. In addition to a bar and a terrace with plenty of tables, there are trampolines and a mini-go-kart circuit.

The entire enclosure is made of well-kept natural grass, at least in summer. The entrance fee to the site was paid years ago, but now I don’t know if you really have to pay. Most of the times I have visited it I have not seen anyone controlling the entrance, at least if you arrive after the second race(there are usually 5 or 6 races in a day).

karting and ram tower mats
Go-Karts and Trampolines

Map and Points of Interest

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