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Ciutadella Cathedral
Ciutadella Cathedral

Ciutadella is for me the most beautiful city of the island. If you visit Menorca, it would be a mistake to leave without visiting what was once the administrative center of the island, whose name comes from Latin (Ciutadella is short for city).

It is noticeable that Ciutadella was for many years the capital of Menorca. The whole city has buildings of historical and cultural interest in a very good state of preservation, and thanks to this in 1964 the city was declared a Spanish historical-artistic site. Despite the good condition of the buildings it should be noted that the city was destroyed in 1558 during a Turkish sack (that year is remembered as Any de sa Desgràcia), so it had to be rebuilt.

The noble families built their palaces in Ciutadella during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, and some of them are still preserved, such as those of the Saura family, the Olives family (today Olivar) or Martorell (today Salord).

Port of Ciutadella

Port of Ciutadella
Port of Ciutadella

The port of Ciutadella is a must visit in Ciutadella, you can’t miss it. Along the port there are dozens of bars and restaurants with terraces where you can eat Menorcan specialties as well as pizzas, tapas and sandwiches.

The offer is very large, but do not think it will be easy to get a table in the most popular places such as Café Balear, s’Amarador or Triton. If you go for lunch or dinner you can complement your meal with an ice cream or a granita at the famous Sa Gelateria ice cream parlor.

Triton Bar in Cituadella
Triton Bar in Cituadella

One of the peculiarities of the port of Ciutadella is the meteorological phenomenon known as Rissaga, which occurs only a few times a year. When a Rissaga occurs, the sea level can oscillate in very short periods of time up to 2 meters. Throughout history there have been very destructive Rissagas (such as the Rissaga of 2006) that have destroyed practically all the boats in the port of Menorca.

In addition to the bars and restaurants, you can find stores and stalls in the two descents that give access to the port (the descent from Plaza Es Born, and the descent from Can Faustino). I like much more those that are in the descent of Es Born (known as Firac), as they sell handmade and unique products (although more expensive logically).

Ses Voltes Street

Ses Voltes street, also known as Josep Maria Quadrado street, is possibly the most visited and crowded street in Ciutadella. Ses Voltes starts at the Cathedral Square and along it you can find stores and restaurants of all kinds.

  • If you are looking for Avarcas de Menorca is a good place to buy them.
  • You can even get piercings or tattoos at Evolution Tattoo!

If you go shopping I personally like to buy sweets in one of the bakeries on the street. The chocolate-filled ensaimadas are quite good and you can buy them large or individual.

Entrance to ses voltes
Entrance to ses voltes

The Cathedral

The Cathedral of Santa Maria de Ciutadella is a Catalan Gothic style building built between the thirteenth and fourteenth century.

The cathedral is in a very busy and touristy area, right next to the Ses Voltes shopping street.

  • Visiting it is free of charge, although you should avoid the hours when masses are celebrated.
Ciutadella Cathedral
Ciutadella Cathedral

Ciutadella Market (Mercat des Peix)

Prawns in the Mercat des Peix de Ciutadella de Menorca (2)
Prawns in the Mercat des Peix de Ciutadella de Menorca (2)

The market of Ciutadella is the place where you can buy meat and fish of very good quality. Every day in the morning you can walk around the fish stalls and buy some fish to cook in case you have an apartment.

  • During the high tourist season the restaurants have the best fish and seafood, but you can still find fish.
  • If you ask the vendors, they will have no problem explaining the origin of the fish they sell, so don’t be shy!

Sa Farola Lighthouse

Lighthouse sa Farola
Lighthouse sa Farola

The old lighthouse of sa Farola, which is already 150 years old, presides over the entrance to the port of Ciutadella. The house of this lighthouse is still the home of the person in charge of the 3 lighthouses of Cituadella(Artrutx, Punta Nati and Sa Farola).

Night Route through the Historic Ciutadella (20€/person)

Ajuntament de Ciutadella de Menorca by Night
Ajuntament de Ciutadella de Menorca by Night

If you want something a little more cultural and guided, you can follow the route of historical buildings of Ciutadella.

Or if you prefer you can hire a magnificent 90-minute guided tour, in the morning or afternoon, with a specialized guide who will tell you interesting details of each of the points of Ciutadella through which you pass:

  • Visit the Cathedral: you can’t miss it.
  • Stroll through the streets of the old town: with cobblestone floors
  • Contemplate the manor houses and the convent of San Agustín.
  • Reserve Ciutadella Night Tour (20€/person – Free Cancellation)

Photos of Ciutadella

Accommodations in Ciutadella

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