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Access to The Lighthouse of Punta Nati
Access to The Lighthouse of Punta Nati

Momple Rent a Caris the company I use to rent cars in Menorca. When someone asks me for a local rental company, I always recommend Momple’s.

Momple Rent a Car is a family owned car rental company from Menorca that has been working on the island for 44 years (since 1974). Setta and her husband Mijalis are the owners who run this local company.

As always, when we recommend companies or businesses in Menorca, we do so with knowledge. We have been renting cars with them for years (without them knowing that we were from Menorca Differente) and we have always had a very correct and hassle-free treatment.

Reasons to Move around Menorca by Car

Car at Favaritx Lighthouse
Car at Favaritx Lighthouse

You can visit Menorca in different ways:

Each transport has its advantages and disadvantages, and there is not one that is better than another in all respects.

In general, I recommend renting a car if your plan to visit Menorca is similar to this:

  • You want a lot of flexibility in the schedules: If you want to be able to go out at any time and go anywhere without thinking about the schedules, it is worth renting the car.
  • You want to visit unspoilt beaches : If you want to visit several of the best beaches in Menorca,it is worth having a car because some of them do not have access by public transport.
  • You want to travel with a lot of luggage: If you want to go to the beach with parasol, fridge, snorkeling equipment and various things, it is usually better a car than a motorbike or other alternatives.

Reasons Why I Rent Cars at Momple Rent a Car

The reasons I rent cars in Momple are simple.

  • No Surprises: The most important thing when renting with momple is that there are no surprises. You won’t be overcharged or tried to sneak in with additional products you don’t need. When I broke the front glass of the car with a stone from the road to Punta Nati, I left the car at the airport without complications, as the insurance was at full risk and without franchise.
  • 3 Drivers included: The rental price includes 3 drivers over 25 years of age within the price. So I can drive myself or anyone from my family.
  • No cash deposit: When you rent a car in Momple, you do not have to leave any deposit of any kind for possible payments in case of accident.
  • All Risk insurance: The rent is with insurance at all risk, so I do not have to worry during my trips.
  • Transparent fuel policy: You return the car with the same gasoline as the one in the delivery.

Car Rental Sector Code of Good Practices

In February 2018, Momple is one of 15 car rental companies in Menorca that have the quality badge given by the general consumer directorate.

Companies that hold this badge must comply with the conditions of the Code of Good Practices of the Vehicle Rental Industry.

The fact that they have this badge is a guarantee of quality for potential customers.

Information and Contact For Bookings

If you want to ask Momple for a quote without obligation, you can use these contact details:



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