Where you can fly a drone in Menorca (non-professional use)

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Many tourists come to Menorca wanting to fly the drone and see very spectacular aerial images. More and more people with drones for unprofessional use who want to enjoy safe flights without legal problems.

Below is a summary of where you can and can’t fly a drone in Menorca.

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Areas of Menorca where you can NOT Fly

areas of Menorca where it is forbidden to fly your drone
areas of Menorca where it is forbidden to fly your drone

In Menorca you can’t fly drones around the airport of Maò.

Areas of Menorca where you can Fly, but DO NOT take photos or videos (permission required from the EMA)

By a rather absurd law of 1959, in Menorca you can not make photos or videos with a drone all over the south coast (from Ciutadella to Addaia).

If you want to make photos or videos on the south coast of Menorca you have to apply permission to the spanish Estado Mayor del Aire (EMA).

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