Getting to Menorca with Iscomar

Última actualización: 21/09/2023


Important Update 2016
Iscomar no longer exists as a company, and therefore it is no longer possible to travel to Menorca with Iscomar.

Iscomar is one of the lesser known options to reach Menorca. This company is one of the cheapest, especially when there are offers. Iscomar’s boats are popularly known as “floating cans”, since the feeling you get when you go on one of its boats is that of being canned in the middle of the sea. The best thing to do in case of traveling with Iscomar is to take some medication such as Biodramine, to avoid seasickness.

Unfortunately, Iscomar is not going through one of its best moments. In 2009 it had serious economic problems, in addition to having gone through an insolvency proceeding. The press has shown some cases of disgruntled workers not receiving their paychecks, and in general it seems that the company is not on the right track.

Routes to get to Menorca with Iscomar

Iscomar is a company that only serves to get to Menorca if you come from Mallorca. In mid-2012, the only route offered by this shipping company for passengers is Alcúdia-Ciutadella and vice versa.

Therefore, if you want to get to Menorca from Barcelona or Valencia, you will have to opt for companies such as
Acciona-Transmediterránea .


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