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Playa de Binimel·là - P1120169
Beach of Binimel·là

The Binimel·là beach is located in the north zone of Menorca, in the Marine Reserve of the North of Menorca and in the village of Es Mercadal. Binimel·la has coarse red sand and a small lake right before arriving to the shore of the beach.

The beach is rarely crowded except for some days during the summer season because it’s in the way to Cala Pregonda, for many people one of the best beaches of Menorca. Therefore, it’s possible to enjoy wide areas of sand without many people. One of the advantages of this beach is that boats don’t usually anchor here as they prefer to go to the Pregonda bay where they are more sheltered from the wind and the waves.

How To Get There

Arriving to Binimel·là is very easy. From Ciutadella you have to take the general road towards Maó and take the deviation to Es Mercadal. If you come from Maó, you have to take the general road and deviate to the right when you arrive to Es Mercadal. Once you enter Es Mercadal, there are indicative signs everywhere with the name of the different beaches, so it’s difficult to get lost.

The way to Binimel·là is dangerous because only 2 cars fit in the road and usually there are cyclists riding towards both directions, so respect the speed limits to avoid possible accidents in the curves. Both sides have dry stone walls, so better not to try one’s luck.

Along the way to Binimel·là there are indicative signs of Cala Binimel·là and Cala Pregonda. There is a parking with considerable capacity but in summer it’s not easy to find a good place. From the parking to the beach you have 5 minutes walking, and you come across a small lake with ducks.

Once You Are There

Binimel·la has the advantage of being a virgin beach with a restaurant at 5 minutes walking, the one that is in the parking. This means that it’s not necessary to carry all the food and water if you don’t want to, and you can enjoy of the exceptional landscape with many comforts.

If you arrive here and you like to walk, you can try to get to some of the small calas that are located at the right side of Binimel·là (facing the sea). Moreover it’s almost mandatory to bring diving goggles and snorkel around, remember that you are in a Marine Reserve!

If you don’t like the beach, you can always start to walk through the Camí de Cavalls towards Cala Pregonda, although the excursion lasts at least 30 minutes, and during summer you will need water for the two-way excursion, so don’t forget it!

Map and Points of Interest



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