The Restaurants of Menorca Recommended by the Locals

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When you travel anywhere, what are you looking for? To me besides sightseeing, I like to try to live like the people who live there.

Menorca is an idyllic place to spend the day on its paradisiacal beaches and it is clear that it is what attracts us most from the island. But in addition to beaches, Menorca has many places of interest to offer, and a rich gastronomy that is an authentic luxury for your palate.

Where to Have Lunch or Dinner in Menorca?

When you go as a tourist, without knowing anyone from the place, sometimes it is difficult to know where to eat. We have asked friends and acquaintances who live there all year round to recommend their favorite Menorcan restaurants, those who go with their family or their partner when they want to eat out. Restaurants recommended by the Menorquines themselves and that will not disappoint you.

We have divided them into zones:

  1. Restaurants in the area of Sant Lluís and Binibeca
  2. Restaurants to eat Lobster Caldereta in Fornells
  3. Maó Restaurants
  4. Ciutadella Restaurants

They are quality restaurants, with variable prices for all budgets and in which you will enjoy. Here we go!

1. Restaurants in the area of Sant Lluís (recommended by Jordana, Faralmar)

La Taberna del Corso – in Cala Torret

La Taberna del Corso – large terrace overlooking the sea

Market cuisine, with seasonal meats, fish and vegetables. Tapas and dishes made with fresh and quality products. They have a lunch menu for 20 euros. It is located in a privileged place, with a large terrace with beautiful sea views.

  • Address:Paseo de Porches, 21, 07711 Binibèquer Nou Sant Lluís
  • Phone:971 15 06 80

Sa Musclera – in Binibèquer Vell

If you’re going to eat in Binibeca,come to Sa Musclera. Grilled mussels, prawn carpaccio, grilled octopus… fresh and very well cooked fish and seafood. They have a small terrace inside the village. Reservation is essential.

  • Address:Binibeca Vell, 33 07710 Sant Lluís
  • Phone:971 15 66 06

En Caragol – on the road from Punta Prima to Binibèquer

En Caragol – terrace with sea views

A little more expensive than the previous two in this area, but it eats luxury. Rice, fresh fish or seafood with beautiful views of the sea and the Illa de l’Aire. The owner is Andalusian and he states (we have not tried it though) that the salmorejo is excellent. If you go at night, take some mosquito-free lotion. Because sometimes they attack you.

  • Address:Marina de Torret s/n Biniancolla
  • Phone:629 16 50 89

2. Restaurants where to eat Lobster Caldereta – recommended by our friend Gracia, from Fornells.

Es Cranc – in Fornells

Es Cranc – Caldereta at Fornells

A restaurant within the village, without terrace and with a correct decoration, but where they serve one of the best calderetas of Menorca. It’s not cheap, but you’re in for a caldereta and dishes with top quality lobster.

If you want to save some money, you could share a starter and the caldereta between two people. More than enough. And you can finish with the delicious homemade cheesecake.

  • Address:c/Escoles 31 07748 Fornells
  • Phone:971 37 64 42

Sa Llagosta – in Fornells

As the name (“lobster”) suggests,they are specialists in cooking this exquisite seafood. Sautéed lobster, lobster carpaccio… and a spectacular lobster caldereta. They have a small terrace. Don’t forget to book!

  • Address:c/Gabriel Gelabert, 12 07748 Fornells
  • Phone:971 37 65 66

3. Restaurants in and around Maó.

Pan y Vino – in Torret

Pan y Vino – Terrace in an old hamlet

A spectacular restaurant in an old hamlet of Sant Lluís. Its terrace is very cozy in summer. For a special celebration, book and try its French cuisine with fresh and seasonal products. Perfect to finish your holidays with a romantic dinner as a couple. It’ll certainly surprise you.

  • Address:Camí de la Coixa, 3. Torret. Sant Lluís.
  • Phone:971 15 02 01

El Jardí de Ses Bruixes – in Maó

Jardí de Ses Bruixes – Hotel and “patio” in the center of Maó.

If you want to have breakfast or a light lunch in an incomparable place in Maó, this is your place. Jardí de Ses Bruixes is a small hotel with only 8 rooms with a beautiful courtyard in which time stops. To charge your batteries before a beach day, enjoy a brunch there.

The schedule, the place and the type of food are ideal also if you go to Menorca with children.

  • Address:San Fernando, 26 07702 Maó.
  • Phone:971 36 31 66

4. Restaurants in Ciutadella

The area of Ciutadella is the one I know the most and I have gone out partying and to dinner on many occasions. I already wrote an article about the best restaurants in Ciutadella,but I highlight here some that I recommend especially.

Smoix – Away from port but delicious

Loin veal in Smoix

Smoix has long been my favorite Ciutadella restaurant. It is perfect for dinners with family or friends.

If you call to book well in advance, you can order one of its 2 round tables (I prefer much more them than the square ones, since you see everyone).

  • Its Ravioli de Cigalas is a must.
  • The desserts are great I recommend both he homemade Tiramisu, and the white chocolate soup with floating brownie dice.

Triton Bar – In the port of Ciutadella

A tapas and frying bar that is a classic in the port of Ciutadella. Perfect for a family dinner, hand-to-hand tapas as a couple or a snack after a night out. In summer there is a queue and they do not book, so you better go there soon. For a dessert, I always go to Sa Gelateria,which is next door. Take your ice cream and sit in their chairs and watch people come by. Pure summer entertainment.

  • Address:Calle Marina 55, 07760 Menorca
  • Phone:971 38 00 02

S’amarador – In the port of Ciutadella

S’amarador – a good choice in the port of Ciutadella

Located in a corner of the port of Ciutadella, with terrace outside and also inside (the best one for me). Market cuisine with fresh products from the island, excellent food and a very good value for money. If you want to save money and not find as many people, you should better go at noon to have lunch. They have a menu and if you go soon it will be easier to find a place.

If you go with children, choose the outside terrace. You’ll have them under control and they’ll be distracted by throwing bread at the fish in the harbor.

  • Address:c/ Pere Capllonch no 42 Ciutadella de Menorca
  • Phone:971 38 35 24

Cas Ferrer – in Ciutadella

For higher budgets, but one of our favorites within town. An eco-friendly restaurant located in an old blacksmith’s shop in the old town of Ciutadella. Its interior terrace is very romantic. A place to enjoy an unhurried dinner, with homemade food and products from the Menorcan land.

  • Address:Carrer de Sa Font, 16 – Ciutadella de Menorca – 07760
  • Phone:971 48 07 84

5. Bonus: Luxury Dinner in Es Forat del Puerto de Ciutadella (55 EUR per person)

If you don’t want to get complicated and you want to have an exquisite dinner, and a fixed price menu, you can go to Es Forat and make a luxury dinner for 55 euros per person (children have a menu at 6 EUR).

The menu includes:

  • 1x Mussels
  • 1x Andalusian squid
  • 1x Grilled prawns
  • 1x Red lobster caldereta from Menorca, the most typical dish. (If you book in time, the caldereta will rest for a while, the best way to enjoy it)
  • Dessert to choose:Fig biscuit or Gin Xoriguer sorbet with Lemon
  • Drink to choose: 1 Bottle of white wine (Albariño or Luís Cañas) or Sangria

Are you from Menorca and your favorite restaurant is not included in the list? Leave us a comment with your recommendation!

  • NOTE: The list doesn’t include more casual beach bars and beach bars, but if you’re looking for something like this, look at our list of the best beach bars in Menorca, where you can walk in with sand on your feet.
  • ** All images belong to each establishment, and are NOT licensed by Creative Commons **

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