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Sunset in Ciutadella


Mediterranean Climate

Menorca is an island in the Mediterranean Sea and therefore has a Mediterranean climate. Summers in Menorca are usually quite hot and dry, while winters are usually mild, with several days of rain.
Thanks to its climate, Menorca has a seasonal tourism is clearly concentrated in the warmer months of the year. People travel to Menorca mainly to enjoy the sun and amazing natural beaches the island offers.

Sun Hours

One of the characteristics of the climate of Menorca is the extremely large number of hours of sunshine that can be enjoyed within a year. Nearly 2700 hours of sunshine are particularly concentrated in the months of May to September (these five months have about 300 hours of sunshine on average, meaning more than 12 hours a day). This fact, along with the quality of its beaches, make of Menorca a destination chosen by thousands of people for their summer holidays.

If you are wondering which is the best month to visit Menorca, most people may tell you August. But if we stick to the data, the month with more sun and less rainy days is July. Moreover, August is a month in which the island suffers the massification, as it’s Spain and Catalonia months of holydays and thousans of Spanish and Catalan tourists travel to Menorca.

Climate Data (with Numbers)

If you want to visit Menorca and do not know what dates are best suited to do so, these numbers can be useful to you.

This is the climate of Menorca (historical data from 1971 to 2000). Source INM.

  • January: 10,7º on average, 7 days of rain.
  • February: middle reaches 10,8 °, 6 days of rain.
  • March: 12,0º on average, 7 days of rain.
  • April: 13.7 ° on average, 7 days of rain.
  • May: 17,2º on average, 5 days of rain.
  • June: 21.1 ° on average, 2 days of rain.
  • July: 24,3º on average, 1 day of rain.
  • August: 25.0 ° on average, 2 days of rain.
  • September: 22,4º on average, 5 days of rain.
  • October: 18.7 ° on average, 8 days of rain.
  • November: 14.4º on average, 8 days of rain.
  • December: 12,0º on average, 8 days of rain.

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