Trail Menorca Camí de Cavalls 2013

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The challenge

Between 17 and 19 May 2013 will be held the ultra-distance race along the Camí de Cavalls. The first edition was in 2012 and was very successful, so in 2013 a greater repercussion in the media is expected. The Camí de Cavalls goes around Menorca and has become in recent years one of the main tourist attractions of Menorca, ideal for hikers and mountain biking enthusiasts.

Winners 2013

Trail CdC 185 km

  1. Dani Coll
  2. Jordi Sole
  3. Tito Vinent


  1. Laia Diez
  2. Mar Alsina
  3. Paula Lucia

Trail Costa Nord 100 kms

  1. Miquel Pons
  2. David Ferrandez
  3. Pau Garriga


  1. Carolina Perez
  2. Monica Trupita
  3. Nuria Sbert

South Coast Trail 85 kms

  1. Xavier Garcia
  2. Pau Capell
  3. Silvayn Laur


  1. Sylvie White
  2. Francesca Ruso
  3. Delia Rojas

Trekking South 54 kms

  1. Josep Jansà
  2. Joan Galmés
  3. Lluc Pons


  1. Neus Puente
  2. Montse Canas
  3. Cati Maya

Registration for the Camí de Cavalls Trail

Registrations for the different routes of the Trail CdC are already open and there are more than 50 athletes registered. If you are not sure which distance you want to run, you can sign up for the longer one and switch to a shorter one in the next few months if it is not clear.

Prices range from 60€ for the shortest race to 150€ for the full Trail CdC. Are you going to miss it?

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