Cala Pilar a Algaiarens – Section 7 of the Camí de Cavalls – On Foot or by Bicycle

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Cala Pilar from the Cliffs
Cala Pilar from the Cliffs

The Route

The route between Cala Pilar and Algaiarens can be done both on foot and by bike. It is a particularly simple stretch to go by bike,especially from the Macar d’Alfurinet onwards, that is when you have reached the beach after going down the steep slope from the top of Cala Pilar. One of the problems of this stage is that Cala Pilar is only well connected by car. Therefore you will need somebody to bring you at Cala Pilar and pick you up at Algaiarens. Otherwise you would have to make the way back and forth the same day (and spend 6 hours if you go walking).

This stage of camí de Cavalls begins on the spectacular beach of Cala Pilar,an area very exposed to the wind of Tramontana. Along the way you will pass through some picnic areas equipped with tables where you can stop to eat and rest. If you do it in summer, you will also find shaded areas to protect yourself from the sun.

Passing through the Macar d’Alfurinet area,you will leave on your right sa Muntanya Mala, an area of cliffs about 200m high from where you can see much of the north coast of Menorca. However keep in mind that reaching its peak is quite complicated, and requires being fit and climbing knowledge.

Tour Facts

  • Distance:9.2km
  • Difficulty on foot:easy
  • Difficulty by bike:easy, except the first part at Cala Pilar.
  • Walking time:2h 45min
  • Cycling time:1h 45min

The Landscape

Paret Seca in Section 7 of the CoC - arriving at Cala Pilar
Paret Seca in Section 7 of the CoC – arriving at Cala Pilar

This stage of the Camí de Cavalls is not characterized by large landscapes or panoramic views. Unless you deviate from the path of the Camí de Cavalls to climb Sa Muntanya Mala (see above), or to go to the Bassa Verda,most of the way passes through fields and areas surrounded by forest.

In Spring the route is especially beautiful because of the green color of the meadows and the amount of flowers you can see during the tour.

Map and Points of Interest


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