Fornells Tower

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Fornells Tower
Fornells Tower

The Tower of Fornells is a defensive tower of the British era of Menorca. Menorca is full of defensive towers that surround the coast of the island, and the Torre de Fornells is one of the best preserved after its restoration.

The Tower was built between 1801 and 1802 with the aim of guarding the entrance to the port of Fornells and protecting the castle of Sant Antoni. The construction was made with dry wall and its exterior was reinforced with sandstone blocks,

How to Get to Fornells Tower

It can be reached by road in any means of transport that you can think of: Car, Motorcycle, Taxi, Bus, Bicycle.

  • It is very difficult to get lost from both Mao and Ciutadella, as it is about following the signs for Fornells.
  • Once in Fornells, you have to follow the signs to the Tower of Fornells,or just ask.

Once There…

Fornells Tower has 4 levels or floors:

  1. The Cistern: used to accumulate water
  2. Lower floor: served as a warehouse for food and armament
  3. First floor: rooms where the inhabitants lived
  4. Terrace: served to house artillery and as a surveillance point

The Visit to the Tower as such is not spectacular, but the views from the top of it are very beautiful. Also the price is quite reduced so it is a family friendly visit.

You Can Make a Kayaking Trip From Fornells

From Fornells you can rent kayaks and visit some of the coves of the bay.

Both children and adults can enjoy the sea from the kayak and does not require excellent physical form, so it is another plan suitable for all audiences.

Fornells Tower Photos

More Information, Schedules and Prices

Until the early 90s the Tower of Fornells was private property and the state of conservation was lousy (just like the Tower of Rambla). In 1994 the City Council of Mercadal bought the Tower from its owner and then ceded it to the Consell Insular d eMenorca for 30 years.

The restoration was completed in 2000 and since then the Tower has been used asa museum.

Map and Points of Interest

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