Cala Galdana to Santo Tomás – Section 14 of the Camí de Cavalls. By bike

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Cala Mitjana seen from the Camí de Cavalls. Stage Cala Galdana to Santo Tomás
Cala Mitjana seen from the Camí de Cavalls. Stage Cala Galdana to Santo Tomás

The Route

The 14th stage of Camí de Cavalls runs from Cala Galdana beach to Santo Tomas beach. It is a stretch of about 10km long of medium difficulty that can be traveled in 3 hours both on foot and by bike. It can be done on foot without any problem and also by bike although in some sections you should get off the bike.

The best thing about this route is the contrast between the beginning and the middle and end part of the stage. When you start the route you will pass the magnificent beaches of Cala Mitjana and Cala Mitjaneta,where you can contemplate the beauty of the south coast of Menorca.

Once you have left Mitjana behind, the tour passes through inland forests where one can easily forget that it is on an island, with a variety of fauna and vegetation.

Tour Facts

How to get to the beginning or end of the Route

You can start the route at either point. The bus that goes to Santo Tomás is 72traveling between Ferreries and Santo Tomás. To travel between Ferreries and Cala Galdana you can take the bus lines 51, 52 or 53.

If you have someone to take you by car or motorbike,to go to Cala Galdana:

  • From Ciutadella you have to take the main road to Maó and in the roundabout just before reaching Ferreries, follow the signs towards Cala Galdana, it has no loss.
  • From Maó you have to take the main road to Ciutadella, and just after passing Ferreries, at the roundabout, follow the signs towards Cala Galdana. Once in Cala Galdana you have to look for the beginning of the stage at the top east of the beach, on a road very close to the viewpoint of Cala Galdana. You can see it on the map.

Circular Route

If you want to go back to the starting point and you have been walking, I recommend that instead of taking the same route back, try to travel along the coast

This will allow you to pass through the beautiful beaches of Cala Escorxada, Cala Fustam and Cala Trebalúger. However, this route is much more complicated and it is almost impossible if you go by bike. In many sections you will have to shoulder it.

Map and Points of Interest

Stage 14th of the Camí de Cavalls: Cala Galdana to Santo Tomás

Tour Photos


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